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Stitches opened in Spring 2017 with the purpose of providing the central valley with a professional baseball facility. Stitches is owned and lead by 13 year professional left handed pitcher Justin Dowdy. Stitches has the means and desire to train and guide baseball players through their baseball experience. Our program begins and ends with the processes in place to teach the baseball player how to protect their arm from career ending injuries, regardless of the position they play or the team they play on. We offer the programming (Rapsodo) to show the player their real data so their eyes are wide open about where they are and how to get what they need to get to the next level. every minute of it.

A personal note from justin

My name is Justin Dowdy. I played 13 seasons in the minor leagues while topping out in Triple A. I have been in baseball since I was 4 years old and I still love the game as much today as I did 35 years ago.  I believe in hard work and no excuses. I started Stitches to give the game back to the ball players. I wanted to provide a place where baseball players could come to just get their work in while having the opportunity to get quality high level information and instruction. I am here for all ball players that want to put in work or just enjoy this great game. Where you play and who you play for doesn't matter


Pitching is headed by Justin Dowdy and Position players are headed by Joe Thurston


Justin Dowdy


former professional Left handed pitcher

13 seasons


Joe Thurston

Joey Ball Game

16 seasons

7 seasons in the MLB

current AAA Hitting coach, Phillies organization

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